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Switch Your Season Book


Switch Your Season

This is your Day!

The point when you finally say enough is enough is that point when your life truly starts.


This is your Day!

The point when you finally say enough is enough is that point when your life truly starts.

Apostle Bible Davids

A proactive thinker, Author, Anointed Bible expositor and Healing Minister. Jesus Christ appeared to the Apostle Bible Davids at the age of 10 and anointed him as an Apostle to the nations of the earth. In that encounter, the Lord said to him, “Son, I raise you up as a pillar in my kingdom for the end-time to preach the word in power for the deliverance of mankind”. In over 30 years of impactful ministry,he has committed his life to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and raising an army of supernatural believers who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to manifest miracles, signs and wonders and execute dominion in all the seven mountains of influence.

Today the influence of his ministry is reaching millions of people all over the world through Book & Magazine Publishing, Church Planting, Daily Television and YouTube Broadcast, Healing and Miracle Conferences, Massive Gospel Campaigns, Miracle Prayer Lines, Mentorship and Leadership Programs and Humanitarian Efforts. His ministry is notable for accurate prophetic utterances and creative miracles. A dynamic preacher with a unique style of preaching, He is leading a major revival movement across the world. Apostle Bible Davids is the president of Bible Davids Ministries and Apostolic overseer of Supernatural Life Center with campuses in the United States, Canada and Africa. He is married to Prophetess Rebecca Bible-Davids and blessed with amazing children, Pearl, Joel and Destiny. They reside in North Dallas, Texas, USA.

Bible Davids

There is a great grace at work in the life of my son, Apostle Bible Davids. He carries a tremendous anointing for the supernatural presence and power of God. He will continue to impact His generation with the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop David Oyedepo

I love Bible Davids. He is in touch with what the Spirit of God is doing in the world today. His ministry will bless the world in a mighty way

Pastor Benny Hinn

The grace and favor of God is evident on your life and we pray that the next phase of your ministry is manifested with greater glory and power 

Dr. Paul Enenche

Apostle Bible Davids is phenomenal Kingdom Leader. He has a cutting-edge perspective to the ministry. The world will be a better place because of His impact.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

Switch Your Season Now!

In his usual inspiring and insightful manner, Apostle Bible Davids takes you on a 21 day prophetic journey that will bring you out of the dry season, break the gravitational pull of stagnation, failure and redundancy away from your life and bring you into a new season of favor, prosperity and success. 

Laced with anointed insights, prophetic confessions and over 500 power prayer missiles, this is a practical and prophetic book that God will use to turn a dead end situation into a new beginning in your life.

In 21 Chapters, learn how to:

  • Reposition yourself from the realm of labor into God’’ season of favor and prosperity
    Break demonic patterns and negative cycles away from your life and start living a life of victory.
  • Take authority over territorial spirits and establish an atmosphere of power and positive influence in your region.
  • Attract helpers of destiny in your life and release the ministry of angels.
  • Synchronize the seasons of your life with God’’ timing and many more.

This is a powerful classic that will continue to empower believers and help many who are stranded in life to come out of tight corners into their glorious destiny in Christ.  

Kayon Watson

After reading, decreeing and declaring the prayers in this book my life was changed and now I am walking in the power and consciousness that the lord has orchestrated for my family and I. I would highly recommend this book to be in the hands of everyone who needs the understanding and consciousness of spiritual warfare. If you want to learn how to subdue the spiritual forces and strongholds that are trying to keep you in spiritually redundancy, then this is the book for you

Nicole Ragguette

Next to my Bible, I hold Switch Your Season as a life companion that has helped me to move mountains and overcome many difficult situations. The prophetic prayer vocabulary which Apostle Bible Davids used to present this book speaks directly to the deepest thoughts of my heart and situation. This book will change your life. Get it fast

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    Join millions of people from all over the world who are engaging the supernatural force of the Holy Spirit to bring alignment of possibilities into their lives. Do not just sit idle and let the events of life dictate your destiny. Use the strategic prayer and revelation to switch the season of your life. Streaming every weekday on Youtube – 6am CST. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and click on the notification bell. 

    To This Generation

    Apostle Bible Davids had an unusual encounter with Jesus Christ in 1989. The Lord anointed him and said, “Son, I raise you up as a pillar in My Kingdom for the end-time to preach the word of power for the deliverance of mankind” By the grace of God, he began to minister the Word of God right from the age of ten to thousands of people. He has committed his life to bringing the Supernatural Power and Presence of God to the whole world with the vision to Propagate the Gospel, Activate the Supernatural Cultivate Kingdom Culture and Navigate Destiny.

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