Apostle Bible Davids

For over 30 years, Apostle Bible Davids has ministered the Gospel all over the world

Bible Davids

A visionary and proactive thinker, Apostle Bible Davids is not only an author, anointed Bible expositor, and healing minister but also a chosen vessel of Jesus Christ. His divine encounter occurred at the tender age of 10 when Jesus anointed him as an Apostle to the nations, declaring, “Son, I raise you up as a pillar in my kingdom for the end-time to preach the word in power for the deliverance of mankind.”

With over three decades of impactful ministry, Apostle Bible Davids has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His focus is on cultivating a community of supernatural believers empowered by the Holy Spirit to manifest miracles, signs, wonders, and exercise dominion across all seven mountains of influence.

Apostle Bible Davids

The far-reaching influence of his ministry extends to millions globally through avenues such as Book & Magazine Publishing, Church Planting, Daily Television and YouTube Broadcast, Healing and Miracle Conferences, Massive Gospel Campaigns, Miracle Prayer Lines, Mentorship and Leadership Programs, and Humanitarian Efforts. Renowned for accurate prophetic utterances and creative miracles, Apostle Bible Davids is at the forefront of a major revival movement worldwide.

As the president of Bible Davids Ministries and the Apostolic overseer of Supernatural Life Center with campuses in the United States, Canada, and Africa, he continues to lead with passion and purpose. Apostle Bible Davids is happily married to Prophetess Rebecca Bible-Davids, and they are blessed with three amazing children, Pearl, Joel, and Destiny. Together, they reside in North Dallas, Texas, USA.

The Mandate

On the 5th of April 1989, Jesus Christ appeared to Apostle Bible Davids and gave him the mandate and for over 30 years, Bible Davids Ministries has fulfilled the mandate in 3 Key Objectives.

“Son, I raise you up as a pillar in My Kingdom for the end-time to preach the Word of power for the deliverance of mankind”.

Healing and Deliverance

Jesus Christ has anointed Apostle Bible Davids with the gift of healing and deliverance. He has ministered to many people around the world whose health situation had been labeled impossible by medical experts but healed by God's Miracle Working Power.

Mass Deliverance - the conference flagship of Bible Davids Ministries is dedicated to ministering healing and deliverance to those who are sick and are oppressed by demonic spirits. Through this ministry, God continues to move, bringing authentic healing to the world.

Need healing in your Body and Mind? Call our Prayer Line Now - 214 846 7049!


Words alone no matter how eloquent will never change the world. We need a practical demonstration of the Kingdom Power. - It is this power - δύναμη (Greek) power that changes the world.

Apostle Bible Davids has a burning passion to see the Body of Christ walk in the practical demonstration of God's power. We desire to see the extinct of lukewarm Christianity. Jesus Christ came to empower His Church to walk in dominion in every industry and sphere of life. We are raising new breed of leaders who are walking in the Kingdom Power.

Gospel Of The Kingdom

At the heartbeat of God is the salvation of souls. This is at the core of everything we do at Bible Davids Ministries. We use all possible avenues to reach the lost world and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Over the years Bible Davids Ministries has brought in tens of thousands of decisions for Christ into God's Kingdom. That very moment during one of our conferences or televangelism when one soul commit their heart to God is our greatest moment. We are trusting God to help us win more souls for Christ in the coming years.

Apostle Bible Davids is the founder and President of The Supernatural Leadership Institute trains students to emerge as influential leaders, pioneers, and catalysts for the Kingdom of God. The institute is dedicated to graduate individuals prepared to instigate supernatural transformation, influence their areas of impact, and stand at the forefront of the most significant move of God in history.

As a component of Apostle Bible Davids’ humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives, the Help Feed the Nations Initiative is making a big difference in the world by providing healthy meals to nourish hungry families, furnish shoes for students traversing miles barefoot daily, and offer scholarships to undergraduates whose futures are jeopardized by extreme poverty.

What Trailblazers are Saying


There is a great grace at work in the life of my son, Apostle Bible Davids. He carries a tremendous anointing for the supernatural presence and power of God. He will continue to impact His generation with the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Davids Oyedepo

I love Bible Davids. He is in touch with what the Spirit of God is doing in the world today. His ministry will bless the world in a mighty way

Pastor Benny Hinn

The grace and favor of God is evident on your life and we pray that the next phase of your ministry is manifested with greater glory and power

Dr. Paul Enenche

Apostle Bible Davids is phenomenal Kingdom Leader. He has a cutting-edge perspective to the ministry. The world will be a better place because of His impact.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

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