This is a Movement of the Spirit and not a monument.

The Gospel isn't a stagnant religion; it's a dynamic, living force that surges like the mighty waves of the ocean, unleashing its life-giving power to transform nations.

Through various channels such as the Mass Deliverance Conference, Miracle Prayer Line on your cell phone, the Weekly Newsletter and A;tar of Fire on YouTube Channel, along with this website and the impactful Feed the Nations Program, Bible Davids Ministries serves as a Holy Ghost Movement, delivering healing and hope to a world in need.

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“The Mass Deliverance Campaign is igniting a powerful wave of divine intervention, sweeping through the United States of America and reverberating across the globe with the unparalleled power of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, this transformative movement has become a beacon of hope, witnessing the salvation, healing, and deliverance of thousands of souls from the clutches of demonic oppression and affliction. As the campaign unfolds, it stands as a testament to the extraordinary impact of faith, uniting believers and ushering in a new era of spiritual freedom.

Moreover, the Mass Deliverance Campaign is distinguished by the collaborative efforts of some of America’s leading voices in deliverance ministry. Renowned and anointed leaders join forces, bringing their collective wisdom, anointing, and experience to the forefront. This collaborative effort enhances the impact of the campaign, creating a synergy that amplifies the reach and effectiveness of deliverance ministries.

Feed the Nations, the humanitarian extension of Bible Davids Ministries, finds its inspiration in Matthew 25:35-40. This compassionate initiative is rooted in the biblical call to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and minister to those in distress, embodying the spirit of service and love outlined in these verses.

In numerous parts of the world where Feed The Nations conducts on-ground missions, the depth of hunger and destitution is beyond adequate description. These missions focus on feeding not just families but, particularly, hungry children. Additionally, the organization endeavors to alleviate the challenges faced by underprivileged students who must trek long distances to school daily, as their parents lack the means to provide them with essential items such as shoes.

Supernatural Nation

Supernatural Nation, a thriving global community uniting Bible-believing and Spirit-filled believers from every corner of the world—diverse in nationality, age and ethnicity. This vibrant Kingdom Tribe is empowered by the Holy Spirit, fueled by a shared mission to fervently preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Believers are not merely spectators; they are active participants in the divine vision, called to activate the presence and power of God for miracles, signs, and wonders.

We are dedicated to bringing the supernatural power of God to this generation. Anchored in the unwavering faith in God's omniscience and omnipotence, we stand firm that all things are possible through Him. Supernatural Life Center serves as a sanctuary where breakthroughs are anticipated with confidence. Presently, Supernatural Nation has campuses in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, Calgary and Toronto, Canada and Lagos in Nigeria.

Supernatural Leadership Institute

At the Supernatural Leadership Institute, we blend robust academic instruction, experiential learning, and a solid spiritual foundation to prepare students as influential leaders for the Kingdom of God.

Our commitment is to nurture graduates who, equipped with a strong spiritual depth, become catalysts for supernatural change and leaders at the forefront of the greatest move of God in history. SLI prioritizes your spiritual growth, providing transformative learning experiences and opportunities to encounter the supernatural power of God.

Arrive Alive

Arrive Alive, a 24-hour prayer line by Bible Davids Ministries, uniquely blends deliverance, healing, miracles, with emotional healing from a spiritual warfare perspective. More than a helpline, it's a transformative lifeline offering immediate spiritual support, instilling hope, and intervening in crises.

This innovative approach not only addresses immediate challenges but also seeks lasting transformation, making Arrive Alive a beacon of light in the darkness—dedicated to saving lives and ushering in spiritual breakthroughs.

Need healing in your Body and Mind? Call our Prayer Line Now - 214 846 7049!

Immediate Spiritual Support

Immediate Spiritual Support

Objective: Provide instant prayer and spiritual assistance for individuals in crisis, addressing deliverance, healing, and miracles from a spiritual warfare perspective.

Strategy: Maintain a 24-hour prayer line accessible to anyone seeking immediate support, ensuring a prompt response to urgent spiritual needs.

Mental Health Focus

Objective: Offer targeted mental health through prayer and spiritual guidance.

Strategy: Implement specialized intervention protocols, combining prayer and spiritual insights to address the unique challenges faced by individuals dealing with mental health

Long-term Transformation

Long-term Transformation

Objective: Promote lasting change and transformation in the lives of those seeking help.

Strategy: Provide ongoing support beyond immediate crises, offering resources, follow-up prayers, and spiritual guidance to foster sustained healing and breakthroughs.


Bible Davids Ministries employs a multifaceted approach through active media and social media outlets, strategically reaching millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ every month worldwide. Through captivating content, including daily television broadcasts, engaging YouTube channels, and impactful social media platforms, Bible Davids Ministries extends the transformative message of faith, healing, and deliverance. This digital outreach serves as a dynamic conduit, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to access, embrace, and share the life-changing Gospel, contributing to a global movement of spiritual empowerment.

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