We Are Feeding People

Your Generous Seed Of Faith enables Bible Davids Ministries to feed hungry families, provide shoes for impoverished students who trek for miles every day barefooted, and give scholarships to undergraduates whose future is hanging in the balance due to extreme poverty.

The Mission

Feed the Nations

There are no adequate words to describe the level of hunger and degradation which exists in many parts of the world where the Bible Davids Ministries is currently doing on ground missions of feeding, hungry families especially children, providing shoes for impoverished students who have to trek many miles to school every day because their parents can’t afford to buy them shoes.

Do you know that in many parts of the world, children are starving due to lack of food. Many parents have to choose between breakfast or lunch, the alarming thing however what is required to feed these children is actually less than a Dollar a day. By the time you finish reading this, another child would have died whose life could have been saved for as little as the same cost of a Starbucks coffee. We have a mandate from the Lord to feed the hungry and give hope to this hopeless population.

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Understunted Kids

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Under 5 Hunger Death

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Global Hunger

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Micronutrient Deficient



Food to Hungry Families

For the same price as the cost of Starbucks coffee, you can make a big difference for many hungry families and bring smiles to their faces.

Providing Shoes for Students

Millions of children trek for miles every day due to lack of shoes that cost as little as $2, these children are exposed to enormous dangers.

Medical Help

W.H.O African region indicates that children under age 5 accounted for an estimated 80% of all malaria deaths, and this could have been avoided with a mosquito net.

Scholarship Grants

In many third-world countries, young people are forced out of school to seek survival because they cannot afford the cost of education. You can help to make a difference.


Make an impact in the world with a monthly donation of as little as $50 Dollars.
It will go a long way to change the life of many people.

We get to experience firsthand, the joy on the faces of desperate mothers who have nothing else to feed their children but with gratefulness received our food package. When you partner with us to make this happen, you might not be there physically, but you get to share in the reward of being a blessing to the world. 

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