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This is not a monument but a movement of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Supernatural Experience Magazine

Supernatural Experience is the periodical magazine of Bible Davids Ministries. It encapsulates cutting edge revelation about the DNA of the supernatural power of God. Amazing testimonies of real people whose lives are impacted by this ministry and deals with other relevant issues.





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The Gospel is not a static religion, the Gospel is a living, moving force that flows like
the mighty wave of the ocean and releases its life-saving force to transform the Nations.

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Miracles, Signs and Wonders

Bible Davids Ministries Media

The Bible Davids Media is touching millions of lives with the message of hope, healing & empowerment.

Bible Davids Ministries
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Your generous seed of faith to Bible Davids Ministries helps us to take God's miracle and healing anointing to the Nations through Television Broadcase, Conferences, Miracle Prayer Line and other Humanitarialn works - bringing hope and healing to the world.

We are feeding people

Help us to feed families

Deplorable and extreme poverty does not adequately describe the condition we encounter as the ministry team and I continue to hit the slum neighborhoods of different parts of the world where people lack the bearest minimum necessities. This for us is not just outreach, it’s a divine call that we must answer.

Jesus said, “Feed the poor, cloth the naked, and when you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me”. You can help us to make a big difference. 

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