Recap of Prophecy, Healing, and Deliverance in Southlake by Bible Davids Ministries.

 The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has long  been a historic center for major revival movements, sending Holy Ghost shock waves across the United States. This region has witnessed waves of God’s power, transforming lives and setting hearts ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit. It was no coincidence when the Holy Spirit gave a clear mandate to Apostle Bible Davids to blanket this region in the fire of God—a fire that would reignite the anointing in the region, unearth old wells of revival, and usher in a fresh outpouring of healing, deliverance, and the mighty move of God. Apostle Bible Davids, obedient to this divine commission, has positioned the ministry to launch the Prophecy Healing and Deliverance weekly outreach in multiple locations across the DFW area. Southlake was the first to experience this transformative move, with the weekly Prophecy Healing and Deliverance outreach commencing on Sunday, July 7th, 2024, at 4 pm.

Right on the dot of 4 pm, the Banquet Hall of the Delta by Marriott at 251 E State Hwy 114, Southlake, TX 76092, was filled to capacity. Many who were hungry for the glory of God and eager to experience the move of the Spirit converged in the hall in large numbers. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and faith, setting the stage for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully among the gathered believers.

As the worship of the saints reached a crescendo, echoing off the corridors of heaven, the atmosphere became saturated with a tangible anointing. You could feel the very presence of the Lord in the air. It was in this charged atmosphere that Prophetess Rebecca Bible-Davids led a powerful session of prophetic intercession, setting the stage for the mighty works the Lord was about to perform. Following this, Apostle Bible Davids stepped onto the stage and delivered a powerful message centered on the Prophetic Code of Spiritual Warfare. His words were filled with divine revelation and authority, equipping the saints with spiritual strategies to overcome the forces of darkness and claim their victory in Christ.

Then, the Holy Spirit took over in old-time revival style as we established the healing and deliverance line. This marked the moment when the Lord began to touch the people, one after the other. It was a very focused and highly prophetic window. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Bible Davids gave each person on the healing and deliverance line specific prophetic words, ministering directly to their individual needs. For one person, it might be healing from cancer; for another, deliverance from demonic oppression. Many were activated in the baptism of fire, experiencing a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. The Lord then sent a wave of the Spirit of joy that swept through the building, causing hysterical laughter to break out. The cloud of heaviness and depression lifted from many as the power of God moved mightily. It was a night of miracles altogether, a testament to God’s unending power and love.

Many testimonies of healing were recorded, and they continue to pour into the ministry in real time. It is evident that God has answered the cry of many in the Southlake area for a fresh move of God for revival, healing, and deliverance in the region. This new breath of God’s fresh wave will undoubtedly impact thousands of lives in the coming weeks and months. Apostle Bible Davids and the entire ministry team are on the cutting edge of a major revival movement as they continue to blanket the whole region and indeed all of the United States with the fire of the Holy Spirit. #thisisgodatwork If you live around the Southlake area and the environs, join us and be a part of this ongoing revival. We believe God for the meetings to keep growing into large numbers every week. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to join us this weekend for Prophecy Healing and Deliverance in Southlake. Click on the link here to register yourself and your loved ones. God bless you!


Apostle Bible Davids

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