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Apostle Bible Davids had an unusual encounter with Jesus Christ in 1989. The Lord anointed him and said, “Son, I raise you up as a pillar in My Kingdom for the end-time to preach the word of power for the deliverance of mankind”

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Countless lives will experience eternal change because of your obedience to God. Witnessing thousands running to the altar to surrender their lives to Christ is a powerful testament to the impact. Additionally, every time we provide a meal to a hungry family, the joy reflected in their smiles is immeasurable. It's essential for you to understand, my friends, that you play a significant role in making these transformative moments happen.

Mass Deliverance

The Mass Deliverance Initiative is a catalyst for thousands to experience the liberating power of God.

Soul Winning

Now is the time for the greatest harvest of the Kingdom, and we are witnessing thousands embracing Jesus Christ.

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Your Giving Honors God and Impacts the Lives of Many

By obeying God, you become a catalyst for eternal transformation in countless lives. Witnessing thousands rush to the altar to embrace Christ or seeing the joy on a hungry family's face when provided with a plate of food affirms the profound impact of your obedience. As a Supernatural Partner, you hold a pivotal role in these moments.

Covenant, the greatest revelation in God's Word, operates on the principle of partnership. When we unite in covenant practice, the devil is the sole loser. The Kingdom of God flourishes, His people are blessed, and those who sow seeds reap a mighty harvest across every facet of life, including finances. Join us in speaking the language of God's love to the world—become a Supernatural Partner today.

Join forces with us to usher in a fresh awakening of God's presence and power for this generation. Together, we can make a significant impact.

As we wholeheartedly adopt the profound language of God's love through generous giving and faithful tithing, we become conduits for a transformative ripple effect. It transcends mere transactions; it's a spiritual covenant resonating within the very fabric of our existence.

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Vision Partners

Activate the Anointing

$ 30

Becoming a Vision Partner unlocks three profound blessings in your life: channeling God's deliverance and healing to the ailing, cultivating a profound love for the Scriptures, and fostering a fervent desire to lead souls to salvation in your family, community, and across nations.

Jubilee Partners

Cultivate Kingdom Culture

$ 50

Jubilee Partners collaborate with God and this ministry as we journey throughout the United States and across the nations, sowing the invaluable seeds of the Word and the anointing. Together, we witness the bountiful Jubilee Harvest.

100-Fold Partners

Navigate Realms of Glory

$ 100

As a 100-Fold Partner, you play a pivotal role in transforming the postmodern culture through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our collective endeavors are dismantling barriers and reinstating godliness in a culture burdened by a Luciferian agenda.

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The Impact
of Your Seed

With the support of our partners, we aim to advance God's kingdom by making a meaningful impact in the lives of His people across the globe.

Thank You

Miracle Prayerline - Bible Davids Mininstries

Help Feed The Nations

Your generous seed of faith empowers Bible Davids Ministries to feed hungry families and supply shoes to impoverished students who trek for miles barefooted every day.

Mass Deliverance

Mass Deliverance

The Holy Spirit is orchestrating a revival, reinstating believers' authority over demonic forces during the Mass Deliverance. Together, we are sparking an extraordinary surge of supernatural experiences, healings, miracles, signs, and wonders.

Salvation & Healing Line

Monthly, thousands are reached through the BDM Prayer Line, fostering incredible occurrences as people unite in agreement. We are devoted to praying in unity with individuals globally who seek the release of the Holy Spirit's miraculous power.

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