Dear Partners and Participants,

Glory and honour be to the Most High God for he has done great things for us. We are humbled by the magnitude of his greatness and all that he has done at the Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference. He did what only he can do and surpassed all expectations.

In awe of his great work, we are filled with gratitude and and hearts of thanksgiving as we present this report regarding the just concluded Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference. Held on Saturday, June 24th, 2023, at the RCCG North America Operations in Greenville, Texas, the conference was a monumental success, and we owe it all to the grace and outpouring of love from our Lord Jesus Christ and your invaluable support and participation. Hosted by Supernatural Nation, USA, and Bible Davids Ministries, the conference brought together a remarkable gathering of over 10,000 passionate believers who shared a common desire for transformation and spiritual breakthrough. It was truly a momentous occasion that will be remembered for forever for its impact on all who attended.

Only God can do this!

Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference Report and Announcement of Dallas Mass Deliverance 2.0

We were blessed to have esteemed speakers grace the conference stage, including Pastor Greg Locke and Apostle Bible Davids. Their anointed messages, deep insights, and passionate delivery stirred the hearts of all attendees and left an indelible mark on their spiritual journeys. The Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference was an immersive experience that encompassed various aspects of explosive manifestation of God’s tangible Presence and Power as thousands were delivered from demonic oppressions and bondages. Many of God’s people received fresh anointing and supernatural encounters. Here are some highlights of the conference.

  1. Powerful Word Ministrations: Through impactful teachings and anointed preaching, attendees were enlightened, challenged, and encouraged to deepen their understanding of God’s Word and its application in their lives.
  2. Massive Deliverance: The conference provided space for powerful deliverance sessions where chains were broken, bondages were released, and attendees experienced freedom in Christ.
  3. Healing: The healing ministry was present and active, with numerous testimonies of physical, emotional, and spiritual healings as the Holy Spirit moved mightily among the participants.
  4. Activations in Fresh Anointing: Attendees were empowered to activate and operate in the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit, equipping them to walk in supernatural power, spiritual gifts, and divine authority.
  5. All-Round Transformation: Every participant encountered a comprehensive transformation as the conference addressed various areas of their lives, including relationships, finances, health, and spiritual growth. The impact of the conference extended beyond the event itself, leaving lasting impressions and inspiring lifelong change.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to each partner and participant who contributed to the success of the Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference. Your unwavering support, fervent prayers, and active participation created an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit could move freely, resulting in lives being touched and transformed.

As we reflect on the remarkable success of the conference, we are thrilled to announce that the Lord has entrusted us with the mandate to host the second edition of this transformative gathering. It is with great joy that we present to you Dallas Mass Deliverance 2.0. As valued partners and participants of the first conference, you will have the exclusive privilege of being the first to receive notifications about the actual dates and details of this forthcoming event. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to gather once again and witness the glory of the Lord in an even more profound way.

We wish you Godspeed and resounding success in all your endeavors as you continue to engage your victory in Christ. May the anointing and blessings received during the Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference continue to manifest in your lives, bringing forth fruitfulness, breakthroughs, and supernatural encounters. Hold fast to the teachings received, activate your spiritual gifts, and walk boldly in the authority that belongs to you as sons of the Most High.


Finally, we express to you our deepest appreciation for your partnership and participation in the Dallas Mass Deliverance Conference. Together, let us eagerly anticipate the forthcoming Dallas Mass Deliverance 2.0, where we will gather once again to experience the transformative presence of our Lord and embark on a journey of deeper spiritual encounters.

Apostle Bible Davids

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