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Vendor at Dallas Mass Deliverance 2!


The Dallas Mass Deliverance has earned the distinguished reputation as America’s foremost Deliverance Conference. From the debut edition which featured 10,000 participants in Greenville Texas, the second edition is poised to attract well over 20,000 people from all walks of life.

The Dallas Mass Deliverance 2 will feature world-renowned speakers Bible Davids, Greg Locke, Alexander Pagani, Malachi O’Brien, Isaiah Saldivar, and Rebecca Bible-Davids. Our lineup of speakers has over 10 million combined active followers' online platforms.

"Your Booth,
Your Message,
Your Impact:

Participating as a vendor at the Dallas Mass Deliverance 2 offers an exceptional opportunity to gain visibility, engage with a targeted audience, and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations. It's a chance to make a positive impact, expand your customer base, and achieve a remarkable return on investment.

Vendors can achieve a substantial return on their booth investment, with the potential for immediate sales during the event and continued revenue growth through post-event engagement.

Vendors at previous editions of Dallas Mass Deliverance have reported significant sales growth and increased brand recognition as a direct result of their participation. This event has a track record of delivering results for vendors.

The benefits don't end when the event concludes. Vendors can continue to leverage their presence and connections from the event through post-event marketing and engagement

The event draws attendees from diverse backgrounds and demographics, ensuring that your products or services have the potential to resonate with a wide range of potential customers.

Vendors will have the chance to interact directly with attendees, generating leads and potential customers. Engaging with the audience face-to-face can lead to immediate sales and the opportunity to build lasting relationships

The impact of being a vendor continues long after the event through post-event content sharing and ongoing engagement with the Bible Davids Ministries community.


Not for Profit

$ 499
  • A dedicated table space at the event venue to showcase your organization or cause.
  • Not-for-profit vendors will be strategically placed within the event area to ensure visibility and engagement.
  • Opportunity to engage with event attendees, share your organization's story, and connect with individuals who share your mission.

Standard Plan

$ 699
  • Standard vendors will be assigned premium booth locations within the event venue, ensuring high visibility and foot traffic.
  • Standard vendors will enjoy a larger booth space, allowing for more extensive product displays and branding opportunities.
  • The standard table option accommodates both sales transactions and order placements, providing flexibility for vendors' specific business models.
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