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Psalm 68 “God! Arise with awesome power”

David opened this Psalm by invoking the Person and Power of God to act on his behalf. He was not going to settle for the Omni-Presence of God, He desired for His Manifested-Presence because it is possible for Him to be there and not do anything if you do not ask Him. In Matthew 4:38, the Bible gives the account of when Jesus was inside the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow. There was a mighty storm and the disciples were on the verge of drowning, but He did nothing because they did not ask Him. This is one of the wrong assumptions a lot of believers make – the imagine that since God is already aware of their needs and they are guaranteed His abiding Presence, that should be fine. Go beyond that level. Call upon Him to stir up Himself and act. 

In Psalm 35:23 the Word says, “Stir up thyself, and awake to my judgment, even unto my cause, my God and my Lord”. Heaven always needs somebody to break the silence of complacency and invoke the power of God the power of the Lord to shift the present circumstance and birth long-awaited miracles in the earth realm. 

Prophetic DeclarationsApostle Bible Davids

  • God! Arise with awesome power… I  will not be silent. I will call upon the Name of the Lord and invoke the power of my God. Evening, morning and afternoon I will pray and cry aloud, He shall hear my voice and bring a supernatural intervention into my life and Supernatural Life Center in Jesus Christ Name” (Psalm 55:17, Psalm 35:23).
  • God! Arise with awesome power… Bring alignment to my inner man. Let every raging storm of confusion and anxiety be swept away by the power of Jehovah Shalom Who is my everlasting Peace in the Name of Jesus Christ (Psalm 43:5, Matthew 8:23-27).
  • God! Arise with awesome power! Manifest Yourself in and through my life in a dimension that I have not known before. Open the eyes of my understanding and let the scale of ignorance which creates limitations that are cast over my eyes fall off in Jesus Christ Mighty Name (Acts 9:18, Jeremiah 33:3)
  • God! Arise with awesome power… Uproot everything out of my life which the Father has not planted. Let the living fire of God sweep through my Spirit and consume every illegal activity which defies the glory of God. Shake away the overwhelming restrain of satanic gravitational pull and establish my victory on every level in the Name of Jesus Christ.  
  • God! Arise with awesome power …. Let the heaviness of the mind, compulsive negative behavioural patterns and the demonic stereotypes be broken out of my life. Let the garment of praise replace the spirit of heaviness. I tap into the flow of liberty and the life giving power that comes from the Blood of Jesus Christ. I am made whole, made new, empowered and rejuvenated in Jesus Christ Name
  • God! Arise with awesome power… Pull me out of the cycle of redundancy and stagnation. Let the bell in my heart ring for joy. Pull me out of the pit of dismay, anguish of soul, anxiety or any form of phobia. Anoint me with the oil of gladness and align my inner man with the victory of Your resurrection in Jesus Christ Name
  • God! Arise with awesome power… Cause me to run with speed, glide with grace and scale upon my high places. Let me see light by Your Light. Release over me the extraordinary anointing for  achievement and capacity. I declare that by Kingdom grace, I am unstoppable and immovable. I am moving from glory to glory.
    • God! Arise with awesome power…. Pull me together. Pull my mind into Your will. Pull my emotions to a place of serenity and stability in the Peace which You bring which passes understanding in Jesus Christ Name

You see every victory comes at the cost of battle. No one understands this more than David. Right from his teenage years when he confronted Goliath till he took his last breath, he was always at the center of different oppositions. It wasn’t like David was always looking for trouble. However, when you have a distinctive assignment of greatness in your life, there will be many hurdles and adversities on the way and you will have no choice but to brace yourself and deal with them in the strength of God. This is indicative of the oppositions that all of God’s people still deal with today. Unlike David, we may not be dealing with the brawling of physical battles, but we face the same adversary  – satan and he camouflages in modern different shades and colours using weapons such fear, abuse, doubt, negative media, addiction, depression, poverty, sickness and diseases to combat God’s people in these modern times. 

God has called you to victory over every onslaught of the enemy that you might be facing. Like David, you too shall prevail and fulfill the call of God in your life. Notice how David did not assume that those enemies were his own enemies. Rather, he labelled them as God’s enemies. When God arises with awesome power, every one of His enemies will scatter in fear. When you are aligned with God, your enemies become His enemies and the forces of darkness which come against you will have to answer to God. Victory in this regard is not about activity but identity and positioning. Many are trying to battle life’s confrontations outside of the provisions of victory in Christ and they soon realize that no strategy in the arm of the flesh will prevail. God has orchestrated His will in your life and He requires your partnership to execute it. As you sit at His right hand, your enemies become your footstool. As you set the Lord always before you and give him preeminence in your life, you shall not be moved. The God-Haters speak of everything that is working against the will of God in your life such as fear, demonic and witchcraft spirits, territorial forces of darkness – all of them are chased away and become non-existent as you move into a high-level alignment with God. This is your day of victory. 

Prophetic Declarations Apostle Bible Davids

  • I stand in agreement with the Supreme Code of heaven which is the Word of God and the eternal order of the Mighty God, Who sits upon the circles of the earth and makes the nations as puny as grasshoppers. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I declare that I manifest victory that comes through my alignment with the heavenly Father. 
Apostle Bible Davids
  • I can not be intimidated or bewildered by the wicked forces of darkness, I refuse to bow my knees in compulsive submission to every militating force of the enemy that is marching against my life from any direction. I put on the whole armor of God and speak grace to the mountains in Jesus Christ Name
  • I receive strength in my inner man. The power of God that is mightily at work in me pulls down every satanic infiltration and strategic invasion target against my peace, joy, health, wealth and wholeness in the Name of Jesus Christ. I escape the traps and snares set by the enemy. I refuse to live the life of a victim. I will not be powerless or be at the mercy of circumstances. I navigate my life by the grace of God from one realm of victory to another in Jesus Christ Name.
  • Let the demonic forces that are risen up against my life fall in the Name of Jesus christ. I will not be the continuation negative family patterns because I am now engrafted into God’s spiritual family and my God-DNA supersedes the natural blood ties and its genetics in Jesus Christ name
  • I silence the accusing voice of the enemy that is speaking against me. Every word that is negative and flying in the atmosphere against my life is shut down by the power of God in Jesus christ Name
  • Let the conspiracy of the enemy be scattered. Those who rise up against me are destined to fall and not rise up again forever. Let the counsel of the wicked over my life be abolished. Frustrate the devices of the crafty and I decree that their hands shall not perform their enterprise in Jesus Christ Name.
  • I pull down every altar erected against me, and break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in pieces the bars of iron in Jesus Christ Name. There is no enchantment or divination that is conjured against me that will prosper in Jesus Christ’s Name. Victory everyday. 

Apostle Bible Davids
Apostle Bible Davids

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