catch the fire you can't control

God is sending a new wave of His fire!  It’s the essence of His Spirit, an unstoppable force igniting souls, transforming lives, and propelling us into the extraordinary. You can’t control God’s fire. It bursts forth with a fervor that defies human limits, consuming everything in its path. To catch it is to surrender, to let go of control, and to embrace the glory of His Presence. At the Conference of Holy Spirit and Fire, we’re diving headfirst into an encounter that will shake the very foundations of your existence. Open your heart wide, buckle up, and prepare for a journey unlike any other.

Get ready to step into a new dimension of faith, purpose, and power. This encounter isn’t just an event—it’s a divine appointment with destiny. So, get ready to be changed, get ready to be empowered, and get ready to experience the fullness of God’s glory like never before!

Bible Davids

A visionary and proactive thinker, Apostle Bible Davids is not only an author, anointed Bible expositor, and healing minister but also a chosen vessel of Jesus Christ. His divine encounter occurred at the tender age of 10 when Jesus anointed him as an Apostle to the nations, declaring, “Son, I raise you up as a pillar in my kingdom for the end-time to preach the word in power for the deliverance of mankind.”

Bible Davids







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Destiny is calling you

Destiny is calling you


Crushing the demon pandemic

Crushing the Demon...


Mind Ablaze



Yes, Adequate tools have been provided on all our publicity platforms to ease registration. Scan the QR Code. With easy clicks, fill in the forms; the registration is very convenient, and you’ll be good to go.

This event is free, but we encourage your generous donation and sponsorship. Use one of the donation options to help us cover the cost of the event and set more people free from the oppression of the devil.

Yes, we encourage attendees from out of state to attend the Holy Spirit and Fire Conference. If you are flying in, the closest airports are DFW -Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport.

For other information, email [email protected] and our ministry team will be delighted to provide adequate information about hotels and flight options.

The event is located at Supernatural Life Center. The address is 1311 Marketplace Dr. Suite 220, Garland, TX 75041

Yes, children are allowed. Any child that would require a seat is required to register for the event.

We love children, however, as of Friday May 10, 2024 and Saturday May 11, 2024, there will be no provisions to accommodate children's ministry or babysitting during the Holy Spirit and Fire Conference. If you are bringing your children along, kindly ensure that they are supervised at all times by you.

We kindly request attendees with disabilities to arrive early for the event. If you require any special assistance or accommodations, please notify us in advance by email at: [email protected]

Yes, there will be sessions for healing, deliverance and the impartation of the anointing during Holy Spirit and Fire Conference. If you are bringing the sick that requires special seating arrangement, please notify our ministry team and they will be glad to provide you with reserved seating. Send an email to [email protected].

Yes, you can volunteer. Please send an email to [email protected] and our ministry team will be glad to give you all the necessary information.

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