It’s Right About Time for Something New

I sense an urgency in the Spirit. God’s voice resounds saying “Time’s up!” You have stayed long enough in the valley of limitation, surviving on ‘just enough’ or scavenging through the crumbs of ‘not enough. This is your season of overflow and it’s right about time for something new to happen in your life. The specific call of God upon my life is to bring believers into their destiny in Christ. Many of God’s people are laden by unpleasant circumstances of life and continue to battle with the gravitational pull of stagnation and delay of their prophetic destiny every day.

Much of my personal time of prayer is dedicated to asking God to break the diabolical stronghold away from his people and release the saints to experience the tangibility of his purpose in their personal lives.


From the 9th of July to the 30th of July, hundreds of people converged with me each night in the auditorium of our church and thousands more joined on the internet through the Midnight Cry as we sought the face of God and brought down the anointing for empowerment to lay hold on our divine inheritance in God and position ourselves on the cutting edge of what the Spirit of God is doing in this hour.

Those 21 days were spectacular. Faith-provoking revelations from God came fresh each night. Hands were lifted in harmonious worship, tears flowed down our eyes as we experienced the intimate presence of the Holy Spirit. God visited us in ways that we have never seen before. And beyond any iota of doubt, I am certain that each person has been deposited with new empowerment from God to function in their prophetic destiny.

The question is; after all that intense spiritual experience, what next? It doesn’t matter if you participated in the 21 days or not, the word of God that is coming today still speaks directly about what is next for you too. I hear clearly in my spirit what God’s Spirit is saying.

Right now, God is speaking about the emergence of a Brand New You and the manifestation of new things in your life. There is already a shift in the realm of the Spirit and the Lord has breathed a fresh wave over you. The entire universe right now conspires together to release a newness, a freshness and a rebirth of all things in your life.

The pivotal thing you have to understand now is how to position yourself in the earth realm so that there will be a physical manifestation of what God has already released in the God realm. Many believers who have received such a manifold visitation from the Lord continue to linger on in the old when God had actually shifted things in the Spirit. We have to sync ourselves in the matching order of the King of Kings. Don’t be where God was or get stuck in the Glory of yesterday because the steadfast love of God is new every morning. Interestingly, we are in the month of August and by Biblical numerology, eight (8) is the number of a new beginning so there is definitely a mandate from heaven for new things to occur in your life in this season. The enemy will try to get you stuck in the old and limit your experience of life to what used to be. You have to shake off the dust, disdain the past and march forward towards what God is doing this very hour.

God told the Israelites in Isaiah 43:18

“Remember not the former things nor consider the things of old”.

In other words, don’t let the old define you, do not live in regrets of the mistakes of the past. Do not continue to linger around the wrongdoings of others against you in the past. March on into victory because the lord says in verse 19,

“behold I’m doing a new thing, now it springs forth”.

Now God asked an important question in the ‘b’ part. He says “Do you not perceive it?” because it is possible for God to be doing something new and we fail to perceive it. I want to elaborate in the next subtopics on how to perceive and receive the new things that God is doing.


After the Lord has done a mighty work in your spirit, you have to allow it to become substantial in your mental faculty. Paul admonished the believers in Ephesians 1: 18

“I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance”.

So whatever God is doing in your Spirit has to be processed in your mind. When you receive a mental light you can see clearly, comprehend deep things and decipher the mysteries of God’s next level agenda for your life.

I call it getting a clear mental picture of what is rolling out in the realm of the Spirit. As part of the new things God is doing in your life; He might impress on your heart to start a new business, write a new book, engage in strategic relationships, branch out to a new city, adopt an orphan or record the music in your heart into an album. You need to understand it, envision it, write it down. Think over it again and again, ask instructive questions, and do thorough research on the process of bringing it into reality. Ask questions from people who have succeeded on how to start a business, market a product, or do something new altogether. Now that your spirit man is on fire and God is downloading Kingdom concepts and ideas into your inner man, engage the force of your reason to take your destiny to the next level. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:1

“Through desire a man having separated himself seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.”

This is your season and amazing new things are on the horizon for you. Let wisdom lead the way.


Praying alone no matter how intense, thinking alone no matter how deep can not bring the new things that God is doing to reality. You need to take a step of faith towards God’s purpose for your life.

This is the missing link in many people’s lives. They constantly pray and believe God for a miracle and they have a heartfelt desire but they just sit idle.

In 2nd Kings chapter 7, after God had sent a wave of abundance on the city of Samaria and there had been a shift in the realm of the Spirit which resulted in the Syrian army leaving their camps and fleeing overnight, the four lepers who were instrumental to announce and bring to reality the season of abundance on the entire city sat idle at the city gate but then something prompted inside of them to act

“Now there were four men who were lepers at the entrance to the gate. And they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die? 2nd Kings 7: 3

Those men knew that if they did not take responsibility and be the deciding factor in their own destiny, they will not be able to step into what God is doing in the Spirit realm. So they stepped out by faith and positioned themselves for what God is doing.

Similarly you have to take practical steps and go out there, speak to that realtor about the home that you want to buy, write those applications for the job, go speak to that lady God is placing on your heart to get married to, send out those business proposals, speak to those investors and just release your faith. You know faith without work is dead.

I expect the following weeks and months to be a season of harvest and testimonies for all our ministry partners. Your hands will hold what has already been released into your spirit by the Holy Ghost. This is your season for the new.


All things in my life are coming together for me in this season. I declare and decree that I refuse to be limited by the old and what used to be in my life. Right now, right here, I express the new things which God is doing in my Spirit. I declare it to manifest into the physical realm. Let my breakthrough manifest, let my joy manifest, let my personal power and the release of my prophetic destiny become tangible in the name of Jesus.

My mind is active and I have the capacity to comprehend deep things, great and mighty things that God is doing in my life in this hour. I move in the strength of the Lord. I will not be limited by the reality of my circumstance but I am motivated by the potentiality of God’s word. I speak Victory into every area of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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