So, he inquired as to the hour when his son had recovered, and they told him, “The fever left him yesterday at the seventh hour.” Then the father realized that this was the very hour in which Jesus had told him, “Your son will live.” And he and all his household believed (John 4:52-53).

Has it ever occurred to you that at the same time when you were thinking about someone or talking about them, they just happened to call or text you? Amazed about what seemed to be a coincidence, you exclaimed, “You will not believe it if I told you that I was just thinking about you.” What if I told you that such an occurrence is not actually a coincidence? It is an indication of the invisible frequency of the Spirit realm and just like your telephone network, there are several lines of communication on the spiritual frequency. Imagine the tremendous possibilities that you will command once you understand this realm and are able to consciously navigate it to your advantage.

Satellite technology has created unlimited signals and frequencies in the air everywhere at any given time. From mobile phone networks to radio frequencies and television signals; some corporate and privately owned, others controlled by the government and the military, the number of frequencies available in any given space in the world is alarming. Most of these networks and signals will not be accessible to you because they are coded, and you need a decoder to access it. For example, your mobile phone service provider has installed a telecommunication network in the air. You have access to this network because you have inserted a Subscriber Identity Module – SIM card into your phone, a smart card that stores identification information that pinpoints a smartphone to a specific mobile network. If you didn’t have the SIM or decoder to a particular network, you would not have access to that network. You wouldn’t’’ even know it existed in your space.

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Similarly, in the Spirit realm there are infinite frequencies, networks, signals and energies in the atmosphere at any given time. All these signals and networks come from two main sources – The Spirit of God and Satanic Spirits. God sends unlimited frequencies, signals, and networks to the earth realm to communicate His will, plans, strategies, blessings and supernatural intelligence. The frequency of God is spiritual and only those who have the unique Subscriber Identity Module – SIM card inserted into their spirit-man can decode the frequency and gain access to the message.

God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).

Every unique virtue and value that God communicates is disseminated on unique frequencies. Not one blessing is transmitted on multiple networks and channels. For you to gain access to a particular frequency or network, you must tune your spirit to that network. Therefore, some believers have breakthroughs in one aspect of their lives because they have received a line of communication on that network and yet struggle in another dimension where they have not yet gained access to the working of God in that network. Whatever network of the Spirit to which you have not gained access seems non-existent to you. Today I pray that the eye of your understanding becomes enlightened into the network of the Spirit where you are presently struggling. Let the Holy Spirit activate your inner man and give you access to that network in Jesus Christ’s Name.

Since there are unique networks for all that God disseminates to the earth realm, it means if we were to highlight all the networks and channels of the Spirit of God, all the books in the world, it would not be sufficient.

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and decisions and how unfathomable and untraceable are His ways! (Romans 11:33, AMP).

  • There is a network for prosperity
  • There is a network for marriage
  • There is a network for church growth and explosion
  • There is a network for healing
  • There is a network for Health
  • There is a network for favor
  • There is a network for international ministry
  • There is a network for having godly children
  • There is a network for moving in the Supernatural
  • There is a network for wisdom
  • There is a network for leadership
  • There is a network for Entrepreneurship
  • There is a network for faith
  • There is a network for Victory
  • There is a network for Media Ministry
  • There is a network for Working of Miracles
  • There is a network for keen sense of perception
  • There is a network for fame
  • There is a network for love
  • There is a network for joy.
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These are just like a drop in the ocean of the different networks and the frequencies of the Spirit of God that are waiting for you to tap into and manifest the realities of these dimensions in the earth realm. In Acts 8;30, the Ethiopian Eunuch was reading the Writing of Isaiah about the Messiah, but the network of the Spirit about the revelation in that text was not yet opened unto him. So, their words seemed gibberish. However, the Holy Spirit compelled Phillip to join him on the Chariot. Phillip asked the Ethiopian Eunuch the classic question, “Do you understand what you are reading?” The man responded in verse 31, “How can I,” he said, “unless someone guides me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him”.

Do you desire to gain access into the networks of the Spirit that seem strange to your reality right now? The heavens will open, and miracles will begin to happen in your life. The men and women who have had unique encounters with the glory of God only gained access into the networks of the Spirit of God that was always there but was shrouded from them until they tapped into that frequency. Paul gave an account of one of such encounters in 2 Corinthians 12:1-3:

“I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of it I do not know, but God knows. And I know that this man— whether in the body or out of it I do not know, but God knows— was caught up to Paradise. The things he heard were too sacred for words, things that man is not permitted to tell”

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Imagine how exciting your walk with God and the capacity of your anointing will be in the earth realm if you could gain access to all the networks of the Spirit that are relevant to your assignment and consciously navigate this realm with accuracy and precision. The Lord would be able to send a quick message with the speed of light through the network of the Spirit that you have gained access and instantly, your inner man would receive God’s instructions in detail. This would give you an advantage to win and be seven steps ahead in life. You also could sit in your house in Toronto, Canada and communicate God’s healing power to someone in Accra, Ghana and they would receive the message instantly and healing will take place on the frequency and network of healing by the Spirit of God.

The new wave of the Spirit that just hit the earth will bring alignment and access into many networks and frequencies of the Spirit which the saints have not been familiar with. The Lord has sent me to herald these dimensions of God and prepare the Body of Christ for the greatest manifestation of the sons of God which the world has never seen. Let me show you five significant steps that will navigate you into specific networks, frequencies, and signals of the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit is the Revelator of God’s mysteries. He is the Service Provider of all of God’s Networks. You cannot gain access to any of God’s signals without the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to give you subscription to wisdom, kingdom prosperity, works of miracles, prophetic intercession, whatever dimension of God you desire, ask the Holy Spirit to sign you up. He is waiting for you to ask and you will receive.

However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak what He hears, and He will declare to you what is to come (John 16:13).


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The Holy Spirit will give you access and then godly relationships with people who are already navigating on that network will help to finetune your access and show you how to communicate effectively on that God-frequency. Many have received access into the realm but are not growing in it because they are not cultivated by tutors, mentors, and governors. There are no abstract blessings in God. Whatever you desire is already given to someone and if you are humble to learn from the people who are already moving freely on that frequency, you will manifest that realm of glory faster. Phillip helped the Ethiopian Eunuch to gain access and navigate the mystery of the Messianic Revelation of Jesus Christ. Naomi gave Ruth the right cultivation into the frequency and networks of marrying into the lineage of royalty in Israel. God will send an anointed mentor into your life that will align you with the next realm of God that you need to walk in.


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The Spoken Words are the lines of command that convey coded and uncoded information through a supernatural frequency or network. As God grants you access into His realm, you become more aware of the power of your words. At this level, you cannot just open your mouth and say just about anything you feel like. You must be very prophetic, intention and strategic with your words. Imagine you had the direct line to the President of the United States. If you dialed that number, would you use idle words or crack some jokes? You understand how important that line is, so you are very intentional about what you say and how you say it. When the channel of your spirit opens to God’s network, you become a co-creator with God. Those who walk with God on this level have learnt to bridle their mouth and say fewer words because they recognize the enormous power that is released when they speak.

How you perceive reality and respond to life must align with the Word of God. The Holy Spirit will use many scenarios in your environment to communicate the deeper revelation of the Spirit to you and you must be discerning of the deeper revelations that God will show you in everything. God can speak to you through the circumstances of your life; good or bad – and through the circumstances of other people’s lives. You can get specific instructions through nature or through the cry of. Baby. The heavens can open over you and you can receive downloads through music or through raindrops. At every time, you must tune your inner man to the network of the Lord and ask Him to communicate His heart to you.

One of the most unforgettable experiences I had with the Holy Spirit happened many years ago. On this occasion, I was woken up from a deep sleep by a loud ring on my phone. The Lord called me on my cell phone. Firstly, I never use alarms because I do not need them. Secondly, there was no number showing on my phone. Thirdly, the Phone was turned off. The Holy Spirit woke me up with a loud ring on my phone and when I got up, He spoke to me and said, “It is I that is calling you -it’s time to speak to the Father” When your spiritual network becomes activated, you will be amazed at many lines of communication that God can use to speak to you.


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Can the Father trust you with the top-secret intelligence of heaven and send you on assignment that requires urgency as a Kingdom technocrat? God’s Word carries heavy instructions that pertains to eternal grand plans and agenda that is too intricate and delicate for the natural mind to comprehend. So, when He speaks, it carries such a weight of significance such that failure to carry it out has dire consequences. Those who delay executing the instructions given through God’s line of communication put God’s plan at risk and the Lord won’t entrust very important assignments to them. Don’t ask God to talk to you if you are not willing and ready to do what He will tell you to do. God’s Word always carries an instruction. His Word is not an opinion. It is a command that must be obeyed with urgency and failure to do this can short circuit your network. There are many who used to hear clearly from the Lord but because they do not carry out what He is instructing them to do, they soon become dull of hearing and lose the line of communication with the Father.

Finally, my brethren please understand that the enemy also seeks to establish a line of communication with our spirit from which it can manipulate us and send toxic information of fear, doubt, anxiety and condemnation. Do not allow the enemy to gain access to your inner man. Shut the gates of your spirit to satan and open yourself to God and He will establish a network with your spirit and show you great and mighty things which you have not known. I love you dearly and I am praying for you. Share this message to everyone you know and bring them into the light of this truth.

Be a part of what God is doing through this global ministry by sowing your seed today.

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