Lately, the Holy Spirit has been challenging my thought process with faith-provoking ideas that are stirring the water in the belly of my spirit. God wants you to go the extra mile and not settle for the grandeur splendor of past achievements or get caught up in the rut of your present routine. That extra added to the ordinary creates the extraordinary. The call on your life is to hit that finish line and as long as you still draw the breath of life, you are still very much in the race. You are still very relevant in God’s grand agenda for the end-time. All of heaven is cheering you on and you have been vested in the God-realm with the resources needed to impact the world with your God-influence.

These are the best days of your life and you are presently in a highly productive season!

Every seed you put into the soil will produce a thousandfold harvest. I just feel right now that keys of territories and spheres of influence are being released to the people of God. You are anointed to succeed and empowered to prosper. You carry the weight of glory to usher a new generation into a new God-awakening. You are God’s agent of shift and a Kingdom force of trajectory. The Father has made all things ready for you and He has pronounced His blessing upon you from the fountains of eternity. You have been separated from your mother’s womb to be a shining light to the Nations so you can’t settle now. If there is anyone who would dare in this season to silence the voice of fear, despair and anxiety and step out by faith to attempt the impossible, it would be a huge launch into unprecedented dimensions of possibilities.

Apostle Bble Davids

My assignment today is to put a God-perspective into your reality. Once you start seeing yourself as God sees you, you will never live your life as people deem fit. This is the key to overcoming the trap of the average. Normalcy is the world’s way of maintaining the status quo. They say, “Why do you want to conquer the world? Settle down and be like everybody else. Be grateful for the little you have, why do you want more?” Right here, right now is that point when you put in the extra factor to the ordinary creating the extraordinary, the full expression of your God-capacity and separating yourself from the crowd forever.

I know the adventure of faith requires consistently building momentum and gaining new grounds by consciously engaging in daily behavioral patterns that guarantee sustainable increase. However, when real transformation becomes inevitable a big bold step of faith is required to break through to the next level – it’s the protocol of the Spirit. You can not shift to the next level on the same rule of engagement of your present level. The engine of your spirit is about to accelerate to a new speed level, so you need to change the gear of your faith. This is the point where you are standing right now. You have outgrown your present level and yes, you must experience a major shift. You are one leap of faith away from the biggest season of your life. Let me show you how.

Apostle Bble Davids

During the time of the Judges, Israel was oppressed by Midian for seven years. They controlled the economy and impoverished the Nation. Judges (Chapters 6 – 8). People were making adjustments to survive and just get by. They soon formed a new culture of fear and poverty. When you are at the mercy of circumstances and things around you are getting out of control and you appear powerless and unproductive, then it’s time for a change. When you put all your energy into something and it continues to get worse instead of getting better and showing signs of improvement, then it’s time for a change. When you notice a merry-go-round or feel stuck in a dead-end situation, then it’s time for a change. God has set a timetable of many new beginnings in your life when He will flip away the old and usher in a new season of freshness and the end of the old is where the new begins. This particular revelation is for those who have been on the verge of their next level and need to make that big bold step of faith. When it’s time, it’s time. This is your appointed time for favour and performance.

Make this bold declaration: “I cannot live in fear anymore. I cannot be limited by circumstances. I will no longer operate beneath the capacity of my calling and potential. I rise and shine for my light has come and God’s glory is risen upon me in Jesus’ Name”


Apostle Bble Davids

God’s intervention in the oppression of the Midianites was to first call out a man, Gideon, by his destiny and not by his circumstances. God called him “A mighty man of valor”. Nothing in Gideon’s life’s experience at that time suggested greatness or valor. He was actually misaligned and lived in constant fear. – he was threshing wheat at the bottom of a winepress to hide the grain from the Midianites. Still, God called him by his destiny and Kingdom assignment. Gideon, you are not small, you are not timid – it was just circumstances that pushed you to a fearful place. But now, the Lord calls you by your destiny and the power of your spirit. You are a world changer, a line crosser, a limit breaker. Rise up now and fulfill your God-ordained destiny.

You also cannot allow temporary circumstances to define your destiny. The evening turns to morning, the dark of the night is eclipsed by the light of the day but who you are in God is constant. When you call a person by their destiny, their inner man responds and receives supernatural empowerment to manifest that destiny. This is the first strategy to reposition yourself from a dead end to God’s new beginning. So today, I am calling you not by the dictates of your circumstances but by the power of your destiny.

  • You are a mighty man or woman of valor.
  • You are a living evidence and irrefutable proof of God’s glory in the earth-realm
  • You are a shining light and a beacon of hope to a world plagued by darkness
  • You are the line crosser and the limit breaker
  • You are powerful and blessed, anointed and favored.
  • You are the repairer of the broken walls.
  • You are the rebuilder of the desolations of many generations.


Apostle Bble Davids

When it’s faith, it’s about action. Not just talking, not just confessing – but real action. For Gideon, it was challenging the diabolical status quo of his father’s house by tearing down the altars of Baal. Then blew the trumpet to summon the tribes of Israel to resist the oppression of the Midianites. And then he separated God’s remnant army of 300 from the 32,000 who had responded to the battle sound. One crazy step of faith after another, Gideon defied all odds, broke the gravitational pull of mediocrity over a whole Nation and ushered in a new season of independence and prosperity. The anointing on your life is not to manage the average but to breakthrough into destiny. Don’t use your anointing to survive when you can thrive. You can’t be touched by God and remain in the same place. The Father has done everything, it’s now your call to move and align yourself with Him.

Apostle Bible Davids
Apostle Bible Davids

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