Partnering With God, For Mighty Manifestation.

it’sincredible for us to navigate the mystery of the Covenant of God, for us to know that everything that God is going to do in this generation, and everything that God is going to do in your life is going to involve your engagement consciously with God. The Bible says Come, let us reason together, How can we reason with God? Because we have been lifted up, in a place of capacity in Christ.

So you are sitting down with Jesus in the heavenly places as a believer and then you become a co-sharer in the nature of God, and God now needs you to execute his will. Apostle what did you say? God needs me?  Yes, you got it right. I’m gonna open you up to an amazing revelation today.  God needs you! How could God need us? How could God need you? This is where The Lord began to open my eyes to see how the spirit of religion makes people to sit in the place of prayer begging and asking God to show up for them, and asking God, Lord it’s time, Lord please, please Lord, But when I started to read my Bible in Second Chronicles, the Word of God says that the eyes of the lord runs to and fro the earth, that when people thought they were looking for God, God was actually looking for a man.

Permit God-Apostle Bible Davids

God has restricted himself to the point that he needs your permission to operate in your life.

At the point you were waiting for God to give you a miracle, God was waiting for you to manifest the miracle in your life. The Bible says for all the works were finished before the foundation of the world. That is to say, God has finished everything even before you mentioned it. What are you standing in front of right now? You’re standing before a mountain, You’re standing before an international door, You are standing  before that something that says you will not have a baby, You are trusting God for a child, You are trusting God for marriage, You are believing God to open doors for you. 

So God has done it, but then he is asking for partnership. What does God need partnership? because God is God in heaven and he has given the authority of earth to me, God has given us jurisdiction of power and influence in the earth realm that means that God will not intercept his own word and he has restricted himself by the authority of his word, that as far as the earth realm is concerned, he will not move except through a vessel. “God has restricted himself to the point that he needs your permission to operate in your life”, He cannot operate in your life without your permission, he says you are the law enforcement agent of the kingdom of God. And you have the right of jurisdictional authority to declare things to happen.

To declare right now that I’m going to activate the power of my engagement with God And when I activate the power of that engagement, miracles happens in the background, somebody say Apostle that’s too easy, Who told you God was typical? Was he meant to be complicated? Was it meant to be twisted?  God has created the heaven and Earth, so how big is heaven on earth? What are we talking about? The father of the universe. The King of glory. God releasing himself through vessels and scriptures which has  people talking about him. He’s talking more about you in His Word, than you are even talking about him.

when you’re in the earth realm, everything in the earth realm Becomes superficial.

There are three stages to accessing the level of God’s Realm. a lot of people wants God to come to their level to say God, if you’re gonna bless me, come to my level. They weren’t going to come to the level. They believe that when God comes to their level it’s an act of his benevolence. But you know what? God already came to our level through Jesus Christ.
 Come up hither is a call to believers to come up to a realm of maturity, where growth becomes consistent and stable
Come up hither is a call to a place of greater accuracy and perfection, than what we have known.


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