With the rolling of the cycle of life, history rises. Many witness history, some read about history but few make history. Through the ages of time immortal, through the pages of history, certain men and women have distinguished themselves by accomplishing exceptional feats and engraving their names upon the plaque of time. In courageous conquest, these conquerors defied the impossible and stood out of the crowd. Today, we refer to such people as world changers and history makers. As torchbearers,

“they have illuminated our world with the brightness of their inner radiance. As leaders, they have influenced countless millions with the aura of their contagious winning spirits.”

Apostle Bible Davids

 Some of them were great spiritual conquerors and heroes of faith such as Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles, Martin Luther the Reformer, David Livingstone of Africa, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, John Knox of Scotland, John and Charles Wesley of England, George Muller the man of Faith, Charles G. Finney the Soul Winner, John Wycliffe the Bible translator, Charles Spurgeon the Prince of Preachers, Benson A. Idahosa the Apostle of Faith, Billy Graham the Great Evangelist, Helen Keller the Hymn Writer, Joseph Babalola the Man of Prayer. Others were statesmen, poets, explorers, scientists, and great inventors such as Orville and Wilbur Wright, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela. 

No matter what their field of endeavour was; no matter what age or time in which they lived, these men and women had something in common that made them stand out of the majority. They had learnt to unravel the mystery of life, to decipher the secrets of success. They heard and responded to the voice of destiny. Most of these achievers were ordinary people who refused to be limited by the standard of their days.

“They were inspired by words like; impossible, insurmountable, insufferable, irresistible, and incurable. They had the passion to fulfill their divine destiny by any means necessary.”

These are people whose bodies bear the scars of a valiant soldier, whose souls attest to the advancing armies of their alien enemies but whose spirits acknowledge the aspiration of soaring to greater heights. Their spirits understand something that the ordinary mind cannot comprehend, something that is tagged impossible by the norms of their times. They understand the grandeur and splendor of a fresh discovery; they have tasted the fresh sweet berries of the Promised Land and enjoy the thrills of fighting for a righteous cause.

Apostle Bible Davids

 “Now I believe that the world is yet to fully comprehend the extraordinary miracles that can happen when men and women choose to disdain the dishonourable path of mediocrity and lay hold on the power of their prophetic destiny in God.”

. Among the multitudes of the new generation, there is emerging a remnant army of mighty men and women of valor.  God is raising a new breed without greed. This remnant army stands ready to reclaim their spiritual authority and walk in a dominion that will eclipse everything we’ve known in a bygone millennium. A people so strong and mighty, they will adamantly oppose all human standards and set new records in every area of human endeavor.

Apostle Bible Davids

There is no better time in human history when the sons of God ought to manifest than now when the systems of the world are crumbling from within. This end-time remnant generation of overcomers’ constitutes a people who do not stumble in the hour of opposition or crumble in the face of criticism and intimidation. In fact, they are actually engaged in the arena of conflict. They might bend a little, but they never break.

 If you are a part of the new breed, you will see the picture of your life clearly painted on the pages of time. Your life is actually mirrored through the lives of men and women who had made their marks. The baby in your womb will leap for joy and you will be motivated and inspired to accept the challenge to follow in the same steps of greatness. If you think you are as small as a lizard and can’t do much with your life, All things are yours if you believe.

Destiny is calling you, step out and make your life count. Whatever you do, please do not die until you have truly lived!

Apostle Bible Davids

Apostle Bible Davids
Apostle Bible Davids

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