The Work and The War

Wherever there is work to be done there is always a war to engage in. Now, there is work to be done in your life, family, and concerning the promises God gave to you. It is not just an illusion, it is work. Destiny, progress, prosperity, success, victory, and rising higher on the ladder of your divine destiny is work. It takes work for something to work and if you don’t work it, it won’t work. Often times we look at folks who are on the cutting edge of something significant in their lives and we envy their prosperity but can you do the same work that they’re doing? If you don’t work it, it won’t work.

Jesus said My Father works and I also work. So the Bible enjoins us to engage the promise of God. If you sit down and say, ‘the Lord already told me that I’m going to be blessed and since God is God and God’s word is unchangeable it means it doesn’t matter what I do, I’m still going to be blessed.’ You need to understand that God’s word for your life can be hanging for all it takes without really materializing if you do not engage the work part of the promise. You have to consciously use your soul to engage what God is downloading in your spirit. A lot of people carry the blessings of God but because they don’t work it, it never works for them. You have got to wake up in the morning and work your destiny.

The Bible says a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands and poverty will come like an armed man. If you are the lazy type you will never step into your destiny. There is a work to be done. In Nehemiah 4:11-17 the work that had to be done there was the building of the wall of Jerusalem. The Bible says the people had been scattered across the world because they had sinned against God. God had promised them if they returned to Him, He would return to them.

When the prophetic word about their return was accomplished, the word of the Lord says, a man by the name of Nehemiah, he was the cup bearer in the presence of King Artaxerxes at that time and the word of the Lord came to him that the time of the accomplishment had come and that the state of the Jews who were in the provinces around Jerusalem was despicable and ugly and they were all living in pain and affliction. God’s word came to Nehemiah and Nehemiah had a sad countenance and he told the king my people are in pain and I want to go help them. If you don’t work it, it will not work. Nehemiah had to engage himself with the king and he had to ask for favor with the king.

I don’t know what you’re called to do with your life or what you’re doing this season. I don’t know what your dreams are but I came to tell you that this year is the year of motivation. You have to have more than an average motivation this year. You have to engage yourself with a drive that will be greater than everybody around you.


You have to have a vision and you have got to have a goal and you have to give it everything you got. You have to decide to work it. Nehemiah spoke to the king and the king gave him favor. When you decide to work what God has given you, favor will open to you. There are times in your life that you will face authentic battle but don’t leave building. Let nothing chase you out of building. The Israelites were facing war and rather than abandon the assignment of building completely the Bible says they kept the sword in one hand and the building tools in the other hand and they kept building. Keep building every day of your life this year.

There was war and they were meant to leave the building and go back to the warfare but they kept building. With one hand they built and with the other, they held a weapon in case the enemies charged against them they would charge back with the weapon. You can’t abandon what God has called you to do this year. There are ideas in your head that can raise you. Your blessings are there. This is the year to build. When you have the heart to build God starts to gather. Don’t give your energy and power to time wasters. Don’t let anybody confuse you or take your eyes away from the building.

Don’t try to please people. People pleasers never fulfill their destiny. Focus on God this year.

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