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There is such a God alignment in this season. Since we hit 2022, there’s been such a perfect calibration that I do not want you to miss it. You cannot be distracted or self-sabotage at this crucial moment in your life. It’s not business as usual. I rebuke every distraction out of the way, I rebuke every demonic sabotage, I rebuke everything and anything that wants to intercept or interrupt the movement and the flow of the Spirit of God in you. I rebuke the forces of darkness and the power of witchcraft. I rebuke satanic interruptions and satanic interjection of God’s glory, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I legislate superior authority over demonic spirits, the forces of the air, the power that moves in the water, the power that crawls upon the earth, and the powers that fly through the atmosphere, in the name of Jesus. I legislate superior authority over the power that moves through the elements of creation, and we bind it in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Saints, I want you to be intentional about your God dominion and make it a lifestyle in this season.  The Bible says,

Blessed are they that know the joyful sound. Amen.

(Psalms 89:15),

There is a time that God will send a prophetic sign on the Earth realm and when those signs begin to hit the earth realm you know that God is about to shift the trajectory.  It is like when you are driving a vehicle, if you have an automatic vehicle, it changes gears by itself. As such, when God begins to shift your trajectory, you will start to feel the Holy Spirit changing your gear from drive to supersonic. 

In Matthew chapter 10 and verse 16. Jesus Christ speaking here, says.

“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”

(Mathew 10:16, KJV).
I send you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves

The calling and the assignment of God upon your life are delicate,  intricate, and dynamic. How could Jesus use such an illustration to describe the nature and the characteristics of the assignment and the calling that God has given you? Here Jesus says, “I send you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves”. By natural instinct, wolves are prone to consume lambs. The lamb is a meal for the wolves. Jesus is using such an analogy to describe the nature of our assignment. As Kingdom people, we are constantly in the center of adversity. We are called to save a world that wants to consume us.  

In the Kingdom, God will give you an assignment where the assignment itself attracts enmity. A lot of folks may not have even considered you as an adversary, except for the assignment that is upon your life. The call to fulfill your destiny is a call to warfare. Do you know that the call to stand out of the crowd and do the will of God is a call to warfare? Please, do not get it twisted, and do not let anyone lie to you that every time the consciousness of your destiny hits you, it’s going to be easy-go-lucky and someone will just throw you a red carpet and it will be easy breezy. 

Everything has a source in the spirit, and be that as it may, the devil continues to instigate forces against the seed of God. He raises up animosity and adversity against the people of God. I have noticed in life and by the weight of experience that there is almost no limit to how far the devil will go to try to stop you. Every battle that we are called to fight is a no holds-back battle. There is almost no limit to how far the devil can go to try to stop. He will stop you if he can stop you. If he can kill you, then he will kill you; the devil is a liar. If you can block you, then he will block you; the devil is a liar. If he can use sickness to intercept your assignment, he will use sickness; the devil is a liar. If he can raise up vicious attacks, he will raise up vicious attacks; the devil is a liar. If he can cause people to lie against you, then he will do it; the devil is a liar. If he could cause people to misjudge you, he will do it; the devil is a liar. If he can cause confusion amongst people, the devil will do it; the devil is a liar. If he can try to make you be misunderstood, misjudged, or mischaracterized, he will do it; the devil is a liar. 

You have to know that the Bible calls Satan the father of lies, and his two biggest tools are lies and deception. The devil is a liar and a deceiver, and when he comes, he spares nothing.

 He spares no resources, and he has an arsenal of demonic networks that are working 24/7, around the clock to try to stop God’s people. 

But I came to tell somebody in this place tonight that every vicious attack against you right now is halted. In this place, everything that is written up against you is halted. In this place, every demonic activity is destroyed upon this mountain. Oh my God, I wish the Holy Spirit will open your eyes, so you begin to see the dynamics of the spirit realm and begin to understand that things are not as they are in the Earth realm. The real battle is in the spirit realm, and this is where your victory resides. This is where your victory is and this is where I come, in the name of the Lord, to stop the ongoing activity of the kingdom of darkness against your life, against your mind, against your spirit, against the call of God upon your life, in Jesus’ name.

 The enemy will use anyone available to block you.

There is nobody the devil cannot borrow if they allow it. I have seen in some seasons where the devil will even hijack well-meaning people and he will use them to temporarily block you.   He will use your family if they allow him. He will use your friends if it is possible. He will use your employer if it is possible. He will even use people who do not know you. He will use the lady on the train or the man you happened to sit beside on the bus. He will use somebody who you never met before; the devil is a liar. He will even use church-going people if they allow it; the devil is a liar. He used Judas to try to intercept Jesus – Bible says, “and the devil entered into Judas Iscariot”.  He even tried to use Peter when Jesus was speaking about his assignment. Satan tried to speak against Jesus, but Jesus rebuked him and said, “get thee behind me, Satan” (Mathew 16:23, KJV).  

I come to you in the name of Jesus the Christ who died and rose again that every one that is being used by the devil, whether they know it or not. Anyone on an assignment by demonic spirits, whether they are members of your family or friends, I interrupt the flow of that assignment. I cut it short like Jesus Christ rebuked Peter. I rebuke that assignment in Jesus’ name. Satan, you will not prevail. I intercept, interject, interrupt, demolish, and abolish it. I shut it down and it will not prevail. The spirit of hatred that is being instigated by the enemy through somebody, I shut you down in the Name of Jesus. Spirit of rivalry, unholy competition, jealousy, and spirit of the rift that is being instigated by the enemy through members of your family, I shut it down in the Name of Jesus Christ. Saints, we live in a real vicious spiritual world; a lot of people have been hijacked by the enemy and they do not even know that they are running assignments and errands for the devil. Some people in their religious mindset will even think that blocking you is their God-given assignment. They will try to shut you down and think that it is God’s work.  However, they do not understand that the Bible says, “the devil is the accuser of the brethren”. The book of revelations chapter 12:10 says he accuses them before the father.  Therefore, for anyone that makes it their assignment to spread negative reports about God’s people, they are not doing God’s work but are on the devil’s assignment. 

It won’t work!

The Bible says, “no weapon formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against us in judgment is condemned” (Isaiah 54:17; NKJV). According to the word of God, let every tongue that is wagging against you right now be shut down in the Name of Jesus. Every tongue that rises against you in judgment is condemned.  Declare it now, “everyone on assignment from the pit of hell against my life, I block your assignment and I shut it down”. If they realize it or not, it does not matter, shut it down in the Name of Jesus. 

We are not here to meander. You are in a place of fortification and reinforcement.  This is your season to ascend to the Hill of the Lord. This is where you stand upon His Holy mountain, and as you turn your plate upside down in fasting,  you will legislate your superior authority and dominion over the works of the enemy. You are God’s law enforcement agent, and by that superior code of the authority of God, you walk and live in victory daily.

Victory Declarations

Right now, the Holy Ghost is sweeping through your life. If you are being mentally attacked and bombarded; If you hear whispering voices of demons attacking your mind or certain individuals are trying to poison your spirit and attack your inner man, I rebuke them in Jesus Christ Name.  By the Spirit of God, every atmospheric spirit, I shut you down. I bind territorial demons. I rebuke generational strongholds. 

I will take the next flow to pray for you. I will not stop. I will go on until I sense a breakthrough. We are in a season of fasting. I suddenly have an impression that angels are warring for your victory.  I have an impression that the heavens are moving things out of the way. The structures are being moved. The obstructions are being moved out of the way. When you touch the anointing by faith the virtue flows. The virtue of victory is flowing into your spirit. I sense it. You may have tarried too long but here is your victory. 

Please indulge me in God’s people, I have to press through in God’s triumph. It’s time to calibrate the things that are twisted in your life. The rule of engagement is changing, and you are going to see the physical manifestation of the things which God’s Spirit is declaring on here.  Whatever troubled you, you now have victory over it in Jesus’ Name. Whatever was sitting over your head is now under your feet. Whatever was usurping illegal authority over you, you now have dominion over it. 

In Spiritual warfare, there is no such thing as a middle ground. 

If this revelation has hit you with God-consciousness then you will start to see why a lot of easy-go-lucky people are failures.  A lot of easy-go-lucky and nonchalant people are prey to the devil. The privileged – nonchalant – easy–go–lucky approach is not God’s approach. It is one of the lies of the enemy that is used to block God’s people from being blessed. There are no demilitarized zones in the spirit; let that sink in. In spirit, there are only two kinds of zones which are the victory zone and defeat zone. There are no middle ground people of God. If you are not walking with God, you are under the feet of the enemy, he has already got you pinned down. If there is no dominion by righteousness, then the person is defeated and slain in unrighteousness.  There are no half-measure victories. This is why the Bible says, “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might”.  The Bible further says now put on the whole armor of God, not some of it but all of it – “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11, KJV). 

In Canada, people are prone to take things easy.. However, in the Kingdom of God, it does not work. You have to embrace the right Kingdom mindset. Jesus said,

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force”

(Mathew 11:12, NKJV).

This is so crucial now because everything that you are going to receive in the God realm, you will have to roll up your sleeve and take it by force. 

Every revelation that God gives us is like a missile; there’s no army that receives missiles and keeps them in the place of battle without usage. Once you have the missile, you dislodge it and rain it down upon the enemy. In this season, take that missile that God is giving you, in the name of Jesus Christ, and shut down the operations of the enemy. I shut down all that is rising up against you in judgment in Jesus Christ Name.

Now, in the name of Jesus, begin to declare over the vicious activities of the enemy, and with the violence in which the Kingdom of God suffers, I take back what is mine!

This is your victory season!

This is your victory season. I come by the grace of God that is upon my life to declare, in the precious Holy name of Jesus, that you are armed with the whole armor of God. Your mind is armed for victory; your ears are armed for victory; your eyes are armed for victory; your mouth is anointed for spiritual warfare to dislodge and to unleash the will of God to execute the judgment written. Your hands are armed for victory; your feet are armed for victory like hinds’ feet upon the mountain top and by the ferocious violence – the audacious violence which the Kingdom of God suffers, I declare it now. Let there be a switch in the God realm. 

I declare victory over your life right now. This is the moment – this is the time where victory is possible because we are not in a demilitarized zone. We are made to unseat principalities and powers. We do not fight for victory; we fight from a position of victory. For the word of God says, “If God is for us who can be against us?”. By the authority of Elohim, who sits above the circles of the earth and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers, I shut down the bloodsucking beasts, the powers of bats, serpents, scorpions, and their venom.  I shut down the operations of the crawlers of the night, the arrows that fly by day, the noisome pestilence, and the destruction that wastes at noonday. I shut down the power that crawls through the shadow of the night and the powers that camouflage itself; be shifted now by the violence of which the Kingdom of God suffers.

This is your victory right now. This is your victory over emotional attacks, over depression, and all mental disorders. This is your victory over insecurity, demonic attacks that are bombarding your mind, whispering demons, and subtle demonic influences. This is your victory right now, over that devil that is attacking relationships, conflicting people and their purposes, and denying God’s will for your life. This is your victory over that voice that is making the day seem like night and night like day. This is your victory over the forces of darkness in the region where you are, in the house where you are, or in the room where you are. This is your victory over the powers that are permeating that environment. This is your victory over that spirit that is trying to take advantage of you in the dead of the night, in Jesus’ name. This is your victory over things that have shifted from one generation to another, demonic patterns, and negative behavioral patterns. Your life will not go down like those who have had no definite destinies. This is your victory right now, by the ferocious-audacious violence of the Kingdom of God.

This is the time for God’s people. This is the hour of vindication, according to psalms 149:5-9, which says

“Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand; To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord.”.

psalms 149:5-9

The Bible says, “When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me” (Psalm 56:9-10, KJV).  Declare by faith, “I am not going under. I will not take a demilitarized, indifferent, complacent, or mediocre attitude. No, I’m not giving natural excuses to spiritual phenomena. I am going to the God realm right now and as I stand my ground; I unleash the reinforcement of military angels. I deploy the host of heaven – I deploy the armies of heaven, and I declare right now, let there be a trajectory, let there be God shift, let there be a God-calibration. 

I come as a gatekeeper for your seed. Right now, let there be a pulling together over your children. Whether you have them now or if you are going to have them, I contend against every devil that plans to touch your seed that they will touch fire. Every devil trying to infiltrate the lives of your children, whether they are grown or infants, walking or crawling, or if they are adolescents or teenagers, whatever the age, I fight for them right now. I raise God’s standards against the works of the enemy that are coming against the young ones right now; I forbid the devil to touch them. For the word of God says as Israel went from “one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people; He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved kings for their sakes; Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm (Psalm 105:13-15, KJV). By this word, I serve divine immunity for your children. I serve immunity to their minds; immunity to their spirits; immunity to their souls; immunity to their consciousness; immunity to their body; immunity to their dreams; immunity for they will not be susceptible to demonic activities.

The Holy Spirit of God is moving into the storehouse of the devil, and he is taking things back for you. Things that were stolen from you are being restored. Things that have been stolen from your life are being given now. In the name of Jesus, your mind is restored, your wealth is restored, your finances are restored sevenfold by the Spirit of grace. There is a  restoration of stolen virtues, times, opportunities, and or relationships, they are coming back in the Name of Jesus. 

Switch Your Season – Bible Davids

Like I wrote in my book Switch Your Season, the day you say enough is the day when your life truly starts; the day you say enough is enough, is the day when your victory starts. Enough of sickness, enough of debt; enough of rising and falling; enough of demonic harvest; enough of shame; enough of fear and anxiety; enough of poverty; enough of demonic limitations; enough of stagnation; enough of backwardness.  In the name of Jesus, enough of working around the clock and having nothing to show for it. Start declaring it.   Declare this, God, I stand on your word that is the finished work of Jesus and I speak with authority that my life will not be wasted. My time, potential, ministry, opportunity, and calls will not be wasted.  

Rise in power for it is yours. Live that life of glory, in the Name of Jesus. Manifest the fullness of who God has called you to be. I legislate favor and lay it open. Ephrathah, let it be open. Let opportunities open; let streams open; let finances open; let fountains open. 

Let the seeds of the righteous be blessed and let the habitation of the righteous blossom – let it blossom like the cedar of Lebanon, in the Name of Jesus.  Like the mountains of the Lord; like the dew of Hermon; like the streams in the Negeb, let your life be fruitful. As the Rose of Sharon, you will begin to prosper, and you will begin to see the direction where there was confusion. Begin to receive favor where there has been disfavor and rejection. Let there be a miracle opportunity – a breakthrough opportunity and a life-defining moment. Let there be an opportunity for marriage; opportunity for business; opportunity for ministry; opportunity for potential; opportunity for creating wealth; opportunity for real estate; opportunity for stars; and opportunity for glory. Let there be no opportunity for the minimum but for maximum expression of destiny. You will find what is yours, and what is yours will find you. 

God is downloading this insight so you can lay it upon your spirit. I am not going to slow down; – a maximum expression of destiny in the Name of Jesus. You will find what God has blessed you with. You will find your own miracle marriage partner and your miracle marriage partner will find you in the Name of Jesus. You will find your own helpers and your own helpers will find you in the Name of Jesus. You will find your builders and your builders will find you in the Name of Jesus. You will find your alignment and your alignment will find you in the Name of Jesus. 

I build up faith. Faith for capacity; faith for destinies; faith for miracles; and faith in your spirit. No one who is a member of the  Supernatural Nation around the world will miss God. We will not miss God. Your DNA is for grace and your DNA is for glory. Your calling is to reign; your calling is to shine. Your calling is to do God’s will.  Your calling is to rise in humility and to ride upon grace and upon the frequency of the Holy Spirit and not to be delayed or denied in Jesus’ name. Your time of favor has come, and I declare it so. I release it so; your spirit man will not stay below anymore. You will not be down; you will not be jumped or trodden on. You will not feel overwhelmed nor feel anxious. You will not have any feeling of failure or shame for you are blessed. I bless you as your spiritual covering in the Name of Jesus. I speak as the oracle of God into your life. As the one sent as God’s priest to you, I speak to you, you be blessed. This blessing overtakes; this blessing overshadows you. You will not be able to recover from the blessing that’s coming to you. In famine; you are fruitful sayeth the Spirit of grace. 

God is healing you on the inside. You are being pulled into God’s service center and he’s doing thorough work in your spirit. Nobody that is under this influence will come without a testimony. You will come back with testimony in the Name of Jesus Christ. Glory to God.

Apostle Bible Davids

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